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Top 10 Clutch Finals Performers Since 2000


Sometimes, stats can be misleading. A lot of NBA fans will tell you to 'get out of here' if you bring up stats such as Player Efficiency Rating and Usage Percentage as they're just too complicated and it's easier to compare players using raw stats.

But in the case of this list, stats tell almost the entire story. Using three main statistical categories (Points per game, true shooting % and usage %) from each player's fourth quarter in their respective Finals series, we've determined the top 10 clutch performers in the Finals dating back to the year 2000.

You won't be surprised to find players like Allen Iverson on this list, who carried his 76ers squad to a Game 1 win against the Lakers in 2001 off the back of his own scoring in the fourth quarter. Other names on this list, however, you may be shocked to see.

10. Kevin Durant - 2017 Finals vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (9.2 PPG, 81 TS%, 34.9 USG%)

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

9. LeBron James - 2016 Finals vs. Golden State Warriors (9.5 PPG, 57.3 TS%, 46.1 USG%)


8. Kevin Durant - 2012 Finals vs. Miami Heat (9.8 PPG, 64.2 TS%, 37.6 USG%)

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7. Dwyane Wade - 2006 Finals vs. Dallas Mavericks (9.8 PPG, 60 TS%, 42.4 USG%)


6. LeBron James - 2007 Finals vs. San Antonio Spurs (9.8 PPG, 56.5 TS%, 45.4 USG%)


5. Allen Iverson - 2001 Finals vs. Los Angeles Lakers (10 PPG, 57.1 TS%, 34.4 USG%)

2001 NBA Finals Game Five: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76ers

4. LeBron James - 2015 Finals vs. Golden State Warriors (10.2 PPG, 51.7 TS%, 43.5 USG%)


3. Dirk Nowitzki - 2011 Finals vs. Miami Heat (10.3 PPG, 68 TS%, 36 USG%)


2. Steph Curry - 2015 Finals vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (10.8 PPG, 75.1 TS%, 37.2 USG%)


1. Shaquille O'Neal - 2000 Finals vs. Indiana Pacers (11.5 PPG, 61.1 TS%, 40.6 USG%)