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Top 10 Cheapest NBA Contracts This Season


Just making it into the NBA is a hard enough task, ask any player who's ever set foot on an NBA court, but getting paid the big bucks after you've made it is a different story entirely.

Even though the NBA is one of the most profitable leagues in America, all of that money doesn't always filter down to the end-of-the-bench guys. For every LeBron James and Steph Curry earning $30 million a year, there are 10 guys out there earning a "measly" $100,000 a year to ride the pine for most of the season.

We're sure they're not complaining; $100,000 is pretty good money to play basketball for a living, and they'd probably tell you they'd do it for much less, maybe even free, but deep down they know they want to be paid more.

Unfortunately for them, there's such thing as a salary cap, meaning owners and GM's need to be more frugal with their player spending if they want to stay under the cap. And when that happens, we get these 10 players, who are on the 10 cheapest contracts in the league this season.

10. Gian Clavell - Dallas Mavericks ($50,000)


9. Diamond Stone - Chicago Bulls ($50,000)

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8. Jeremy Evans - Atlanta Hawks ($50,000)

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

7. Tyler Cavanaugh - Atlanta Hawks ($50,000)

Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

6. DeAndre Liggins - Milwaukee Bucks ($26,773)


5. Axel Toupane - New Orleans Pelicans ($25,000)


4. Quinn Cook - New Orleans Pelicans ($25,000)


3. Chris Johnson - Houston Rockets ($25,000)


2. Beno Udrih - Detroit Pistons ($25,000)


1. Jarell Eddie - Chicago Bulls ($17,224)