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This Intense Stat Will Help Russell Westbrook's Season Into Perspective


Last year, you could almost say it was Westbrook's world. The Oklahoma City point guard took over the league following the departure of Kevin Durant. Whether by anger, passion, or just improved game, Russ showed his true potential that season and won MVP to show for it.

This season, while his individual play was expected to die down a little, the overall team performance was supposed to be at elite levels. Well, unfortunately for the Thunder, the team's play so far has been way below par, and they could miss the postseason entirely if things don't shape up soo.

And, unfortunately still for the Thunder, Westbrook's play hasn't been too much better either. Reddit user Burburington recently pointed out a stat that puts it all into perspective and is a pretty damning case against Russ' efficiency. Here it is:

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Victor Oladipo has shot the ball 76 less times than Russell Westbrook this season, but has scored 22 more points than him from nba

Obviously scoring efficiently has never been Russell's thing. But was it always this bad? Bearing in mind these terrible numbers, could Russ be part of the reason for OKC's struggles? It's always hard to gauge such things of course, as it is usually impossible to point to one particular source.

Still, it seems hard to believe that Westbrook's terrible shooting isn't part of the problem. The biggest concern now lies in the days and weeks ahead, as the world awaits to see how Westbrook and his teammates will respond.