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This Instagram Post By Ben Simmons Is Driving Everyone Crazy


With all the All-Star festivities going, it wouldn't be hard to miss a very not-so-subtle Instagram post by Philadelphia's Ben Simmons. But first, lets give some context.

This summer, LeBron James has the chance to become a Free-Agent, meaning any number of teams could pursue his services. Among those teams is the Philadelphia 76ers. While they are, admittedly, a long shot, they certainly have as good a chance as anyone to snag LBJ away from the Cavs. Plus, a union of James, Embiid, and Simmons would be pretty intense.

Bearing this in mind, take a look at what Simmons posted on his Instagram about 9 hours ago.

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For those that don't realize, midnight on June 30th opens up the NBA free-agency period. So the caption, along with the pic, could be taken as a hint to LBJ's upcoming free-agency plans... or it could just mean something else. Also, it may just be Simmons' successful attempt at a troll.

Regardless, people are going pretty crazy over it.

What do you think is going on here? Could LeBron James really be thinking about a move to Philly?