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This Celtics Announcer Is Tired Of Hearing About Isaiah Thomas


Isaiah Thomas had a hell of a run with the Celtics. During his short lived tenure, he sparked a basketball revival the city hadn't seen since the days of Kevin Garnett.

Still, though, this whole deal with the trade to Cleveland is starting to get a little overplayed, isn't it? The star PG and his bitter feelings toward how the franchise betrayed him seems to be in headlines every week. In light of all of it, some folks are really getting tired.

Celtics announcer Mike Gorman not excluded. Here's what he had to say in relation to Isaiah Thomas:

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“I’m kind of tired with Isaiah, to be honest with you. He was a great player in the time that he spent with us — certainly had a year that was almost unmatched by anybody last year. But whether or not he ever speaks to Danny Ainge again, I don’t care. I really don’t care."

For the established Boston announcer, he recognizes that Thomas displayed a special level of talent for the team. But he also describes how the whole situation has been overplayed.

“I just want to see how he performs on the basketball court,” he added. “It’s almost like People magazine now. ‘Is he going talk to him? Is Danny going to respond to him? What will happen here? What will happen there? Will I get a tribute?’ Like just go off into the sunset gracefully, and we’ll see you in the playoffs.”

Maybe it's time for both sides to just move on...