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This Amazing Stat Proves That Steph Curry Is The Greatest Three-Point Shooter The World Has Ever Seen


Stephen Curry can do a lot of things when it comes to the game of baskeball.

He can pass, finish, dribble, and lead his team in the locker room when he needs to. But, by far, Steph is known for his three-point shooting. Already, he's proven to be unstoppable behind the arc and has helped revolutionized the NBA completely.

In case you're still not sold on just how special the guy is, here is a record-related stat (that Curry just broke today) that could help convince you.

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In his game against the Orlando Magic today, Curry made history by passing Jason Kidd for eighth on the NBA's All-Time 3-pointers made list. Even with as great as that stat is though, that's not even the most astonishing aspect of the whole thing.

When looking at games played, it took Steph 797 fewer games than Kidd to make 1,988 threes. In case you're wondering, that is equivalent to about 9-10 seasons worth of games.


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