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The Pelicans Twitter Account Just Destroyed Skip Bayless After Terrible Anthony Davis Comments


When it comes to Skip Bayless, most NBA fans, and sports fans in general know to take every single thing he says with the largest handful of salt possible, as Bayless' opinions about basketball in general are some of the worst out there among NBA media talking heads.

You can't really knock Skip for what comes out of his mouth most of the time though, as he literally gets paid to come up with comments that are bound to cause the most controversy possible, and at this stage, Skip probably doesn't give a damn what he says anymore, or his credibility for that matter.

His latest comments have caused a bit of a stir though.

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Directed at New Orleans Pelicans' superstar Anthony Davis, Skip labelled The Brow as the most overrated player in basketball today.

Obviously this sort of take is complete drivel and should not be taken seriously whatsoever. AD is easily one of the best bigs in the game today by a country mile, and even though he hasn't fared that well in terms of team success, that can be attributed to the Pelicans' front office, rather than Davis' performances. Well, the New Orleans Pelicans Twitter account got word of Skip's comments, and dug up some old dirt on Skip from his high school days.

What was that about being a star point guard your senior year in high school again Skip? Didn't you say you were one of the best players on your high school squad? Well, according to the stats the Pelicans' social media crew found, it seems you couldn't even manage to average a bucket a game.

Even though Skip Bayless shouldn't be given the light of day at this stage of his career for his basketball analysis, it's nice to see a team come to the defense of one of their players.