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The NBA Records No Player Wants To Break

The NBA Records No Player Wants To Break

The NBA is a league full of stories to tell, with some of them being pretty interesting and admirable, but there are others that remain in the shadows, as their protagonists don’t want to remember those doubtful feats.

The Association has witnessed some of the most important records of the league in recent years and although those are very impressive, there are always more things to discover. Right now we are discussing the most unflattering record in the history of the league, as this game wasn’t always about Stephen Curry’s 3-pointers or Russell Westbrook’s triple-doubles.

These are some of the most unenviable records in NBA history, where you can know surprising and shocking stats by some of the best players in the history of the league. Behind every accomplishment, there is a failure. Let’s break this down.

First team to lose Finals Game 7 at home

Albeit these situations always appear to have a clear favorite and only a result, sometimes the foreign squads manage to upset the home club and take the W and the title to the home. Well, Bill Russell’s Celtics started with this “trend” back in 1969, when they defeated the superb favorite Los Angeles Lakers of Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain among others.

Russell did something great for basketball, as this started to happen more frequently throughout the years after that finals.

Least points in a 3-point contest

Michael Jordan is not only the best basketball players of all time but arguably the best sportsman in history. MJ achieved a huge number of accomplishments and accolades during his long tenure in the league, but even the GOAT has things to not be proud of.

There is no doubt about his shooting quality, but his range was terrible when the 6-time NBA champion was beginning his career. Jordan tied the record of least points in a 3 point contest with Detlef Schrempf, scoring only 5 points.

Quickest foul-out in history

Back in the day when Dennis Rodman was still messing around in the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks’ coach Don Nelson tried to stop the player at any cost. On December 29, 1997, Nelson gave a guy named Bubba Wells a simple task: foul Dennis Rodman.

Unfortunately for Nelson and his team, Rodman only missed three free throws out of 12 and Wells set a new record in NBA history. Bubba Wells was fouled out in only three minutes in one of the craziest –and funniest- moments this league has witnessed.

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Most turnovers in a single game

As we stated at the beginning, even the best players have stats to be embarrassed. We already knew about Wilt Chamberlain’s Lakers and Michael Jordan’s 3-pointers, but this time we are talking about one of the best point guards in the history of the association.

Nobody doubts about the quality of Jason Kidd, as his stats in the league were really impressive. However, Kidd also set a new record 17 years ago: 14 turnovers in a single game, when he was part of the Phoenix Suns.

The dirtiest season ever for a single player?

During his rookie season in 1952-53, Don Meineke put some incredible numbers – in a bad way - playing for the Fort Wayne Pistons. Meineke recorded 334 personal fouls and 26 disqualifications in 68 games, which remains as an NBA record nowadays. However, Meineke was able to win the first edition of the Rookie of the Year Award at the end of the season.

Podium for most turnovers in three consecutive seasons

George McGinnis was an Indiana Pacers’ players when they still were part of the ABA, but this totally deserves to be on this list. McGinnis managed to be the #1, #2 and #3 player in three consecutive seasons with the Pacers. From 1973 to 1975, he was the #1 (74-75), #2 (72-73) and #3 (73-74) players with more turnovers in the league, losing the ball 422, 401 and 393, respectively.

Highest draft pick to end up in the D-League

I’m pretty sure we all know this history, but this will remain as one of the worst records in the NBA for several years. Hasheem Thabeet was the first Tanzanian player in the NBA, but besides that, there is only a record that is worth it to mention: he is the highest pick to play in the D-League before even finishing his first season with the team.

Memphis Grizzlies could land a superstar in that draft night, but instead they selected Thabeet that was awful till the drop from the very beginning.

First team to be swept by a lower seed

Besides all the greatness surrounding the Lakers, there are some ridiculous moments where they went pioneers and not exactly for the best reasons. We already saw what they did against the Celtics, but in 2011 they reached another milestone that still chases them nowadays.

Lakers landed in the 2011 playoffs as the second seed, but they faced the Dallas Mavericks –the third-seeded- that looked inspired and swept them, being the first time to team lose this way after having home advantage.

Worst record in NBA history

The lockout season gave us some very good moments, but it also provided the worst win/loss record in a season in the entire NBA history. The Charlotte Bobcats never were a contender team, but winning only seven games and losing the rest 59 was really impressive for most people.

Michael Jordan’s team recorded the worst winning percentage in the history of the league, setting one of the most undesirable records in the history of any major league.