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The Hilarious NBA Cereal Wars

(via Dallas Mavericks)

(via Dallas Mavericks)

The NBA season is all sorts of fun, even when the games are over. There are a few months, however, that get a little dull. August is one of those months.

With the season having been over since June, and the new season still a few months away, August can definitely be a boring time for hardcore basketball fanatics. All this extra time has created room for some hilariously dumb NBA content. A highly entertaining Twitter war just a few hours ago perfectly summed up that fact.

The NBA Twitter Cereal Wars started with an innocent tweet by the Cleveland Cavaliers:

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It didn't take long for other teams to follow the cereal pun bandwagon.

These incredibly funny basketball related Twitter puns just goes to show how creative this league can really be. These highlights were just some of many tweets (by tons of different teams), and there's a bunch more. To check out the rest, start with the Cavs at the top, and just keep on scrolling down.