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The Five Teams Most Likely To Win The NBA Finals, According To Basketball Reference


The 2018 NBA Finals are a loooong ways off, but that hasn't stopped from "calculating" which teams are most likely to actually win it.

For those that don't know, is a basketball site dedicated to the stats and numbers of the game. Through the site, readers can find all sorts of advanced statistics about any game, player, or team of their choosing.

On one particular page, the site has all 30 teams listed, along with their chances of them winning a particular round in the upcoming NBA playoffs in April. Well, comparing these percentages between the teams, one can find out which franchise BBREF has determined to have the best chances of bringing home the Larry O'Brien trophy in June.

So, according to basketball-reference, here are the five teams with the best odds of winning the Finals this year:

- Golden State Warriors: 32.5% chance to win Finals.

- Houston Rockets: 31.4% chance to win Finals.

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- Toronto Raptors: 15.0% chance to win Finals.

- Boston Celtics: 11.5% chance to win Finals.

- Washington Wizards: 1.7% chance to win Finals.

Right off the bat, one glaring issue arises with this list: the Raptors.

While it's true that they're knee deep in talent, the team has never been able to translate that talent into post-season success. Not to mention other teams in East that just seem so much stronger.

Secondly, where the heck are the Cavaliers? For a team with the best player on the planet, and is just a few months removed from winning the Eastern Conference Finals, they should definitely be listed a little higher at this point. Shockingly, BBREF actually has them lower than Detroit and PHILADELPHIA (seriously?!), with just a 0.8% chance to win.

Other good teams like the Thunder, T-Wolves, and Nuggets were basically cast aside, given less than .05%.

We don't know how things will look come April. Who knows, maybe the site is on to something. But, for now, this list is nothing short of blasphemy. Do you agree?