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The Exciting Stat Progression of Brandon Ingram


Trust the Process may be Philly's thing, but it can work in L.A. too.

The Lakers, being unable to sign any stars the last couple of years, have had to rely on their young guns to salvage these abysmal basketball seasons. Already, three of the youngsters have been traded out and shipped away for cap space, and there's no telling who will follow.

But, at least for now, Los Angeles still has a young core solid enough to solidify their future. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma are the unrivaled "big-three" for the Lake-show. And while their potential has flashed at times, we haven't necessarily seen any of the three take charge as the next Laker superstar. Maybe that's only because we aren't looking hard enough.

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As usual, the stats tell the story. In this case, it's showing us that Brandon Ingram is making some pretty significant strides towards stardom.

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These are some telling statistics. On a month to month basis, B.I. is improving pretty significantly. If it continues, we could start to see some All-Star worthy play from him before the end of the season.

So cheers, Los Angeles. it looks like you may have found your newest savior.