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The 5 Best Gadgets For Basketballers

Credit: Home Court App

Credit: Home Court App

Whether you play with your buds down the local court or are a serious basketball player, everyone wants to sharpen up their game and know about the best basketball gear on the market right now. From smart technology to simple additions that make practicing your three-pointers more convenient, we take a running jump at what is out there now.

You might think that Lebron James and his pals are more interested in checking out the beaches or fashion boutiques, the most lavish casinos in Vegas and even prestigious online sites like PartyCasino during their free time. But true champions are always wanting to improve their game – and they are also checking out basketball kit and equipment to help them do just that. Read on to discover what you've been missing out on so far.

Here are the best basketball gadgets on the market right now. Knowing about the best basketball gear off the court will help you play better on it.

1. Smart Basketballs

Smart Basketballs

Smart basketball looks like any regular basketball you played with during your younger days. It is the same color, the same dimensions and may even be from the same brand. However, a smart basketball is hiding some sophisticated Bluetooth technology beneath the surface.

Paired with a smartphone application, the basketball tracks your shots and performance to an accuracy of 98%. After solo practice, you can quickly consult how you performed by looking at graphs and charts.

2. Waistband Technology

Waistband Technology
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Players can even add a small device to their waistband to track their performance in an almost identical way. The device records data such as rotations and jumps to feedback to data collected on an application. Some of these devices can even record as you play, enabling you to create the highlight reels of your game.

3. Smart Basketball Sleeves

Smart Basketball Sleeves

Another way to monitor the way you play is with a smart sleeve made for basketball players. These sleeves record the movements of your arm when dribbling or taking a shot, and they give feedback for where you are going wrong. They use metrics to be able to provide valuable information, enabling you to identify areas of improvement quickly and make adjustments for improved performance.

4. Return Net

Return Net

Sometimes the simplest inventions are the best – and that is certainly true of the return net for basketball courts. If you are sick of having to retrieve shots, whether good or bad, you could benefit from a return net. These sit below the hoop from the backboard to the ground and at an angle. They will knock your basketball back towards you after each shot.

5. Basketball Smartwatches

Basketball Smartwatches

Hooptracker is the first-ever smartwatch that was made for basketball players. It merges with an online program to give you feedback from your solo practice, such as shooting metrics, dribbling and more. If you are considering a smartwatch already and want to improve your basketball game, then consider one of these sport-specific models.

Adding just one of these gadgets to your kit will help you make strides to becoming a better and more informed player! Don't forget to check out the other basketball gear that will help you look good on the court too.