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The 2017 Draft Class' Old Tweets Have Been Found, And They Are Hilarious


This seems to happen a lot in the NBA, doesn't it?

A big event will happen in the NBA, be that the draft, or a big free agent signing, and a million old tweets from said players involved are brought back up from the early 2010's, and more often than not, they are extremely ironic.

Don't take my word for it. The sleuths over at Twitter have done some digging in the few short hours since the end of the 2017 Draft, and they've uncovered some hilarious tweets, take a look.

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Uh, Magic, why'd you draft this guy again?

Dallas women, you better watch out...

... Just make sure you don't still watch The Lion King.


Zach would be drafted to the Blazers 5 years later.

Maybe Dennis Smith Jr. and Zach Collins could share?

Considering you were just drafted by the Thunder, you may wanna delete that Terrance.

And finally, Steph and Ayesha Curry may want a word with the Warriors' newest recruit.