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Team LeBron Wins All-Star MVP In Victory Over Team Steph


In an All-Star weekend many considered dissapointing, it sure ended in a bang.

After a relatively laid back back-and-forth between team Steph and team LeBron, things got dicey in the fourth quarter with both sides wanting to close it out. Of course, in the end, it was Team LeBron who got the W. The MVP went to LeBron James, who put up 29 and 10 in the 148-145 victory. DeMar DeRozan and Damian Lillard shockingly lead the way for team Steph with 21 a piece.

No doubt, this was the highlight of the weekend. Not only was the game fun, but we got to see the event in a brand new way, and relationships were mended in miraculous ways.

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There's still, obviously, tons of work to do in regards to perfecting NBA All-Star weekend. But the last few minutes of tonight's matchup gave us all a glimmer of hope of the potential this game has to be something really, really special.