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Switzerland Only Has 4 NBA Players In It's Entire History, And They're All Playing Right Now


For some countries, providing the NBA with a talent pool of athletes is extremely easy.

Barring the US, places such as Canada, France and Serbia have given the NBA the most players out of any countries on Earth.

On the flip side though, it can be very difficult for some nations to do the same, either due to genetics, resources, or just interest levels in the sport.

Some countries, especially in Asia, are just too short to play in the NBA, and there are countless other places where basketball isn't as popular as other sports in the area.

One of those countries, however, is on the rise, and is currently in it's prime regarding NBA talent.

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Switzerland has only ever had 4 players play in the NBA since it has existed as a country, and all four of them are currently on an NBA roster as of right now.

Clint Capela - Houston Rockets


Thabo Sefolosha - Utah Jazz


Nikola Vucevic - Orlando Magic


Enes Kanter - Oklahoma City Thunder


Note: Kanter is technically Turkish, and Vucevic is technically a Montenegrin, but both were born in Switzerland and could play for their National team if they wanted to, so they both do count.