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Steve Nash Explains Why The 2000s Suns Never Won A Championship


As one of the greatest players to never win a Championship, Steve Nash will always be missing a big milestone in his storied career.

Despite how great he was, despite how great his team was, the Suns during their most prominent times were never able to go all-the-way. According to Nash himself, he may know the reason why.

In a chat with Bill Simmons a while back ago, the ex-Suns point-guard explains that maybe his team wasn't so championship caliber after all.

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Ultimately we weren’t good enough. We had a lot of bad breaks for sure and maybe we could have very easily broken our way through in one or two of those years but you look at our teams, especially in the playoffs, we didn’t have a defensive center. You know, we had Amare who was a power forward playing the five, we had Boris playing the five at 6’8. We really overachieved in a lot of ways to just be in position I think because ultimately it’s smoke and mirrors without that [big man] down there whose going to up the percentages just by being down there you know. (sighs) You should have a defensive system and [without it] you ultimately have to adjust and adapt because you know you’re just not equipped. [You’re trying to] outscore the other team but defensively you might be changing your coverages a lot and when you do that you’re gonna struggle because not all five guys will be on the same page.

To say the Suns were overachieving during the 2000s might seem like a stretch, but Nash makes it all make sense. The front-court, while loaded, was an awkward clash of smaller big-men, with no true Center in the paint. And defensively, Phoenix just wasn't up to par with the standards of that time. Compared to other good teams out West, the Suns may have never actually been on their level.

Of course, it's easy to put things into perspective now, seeing as to how everything is all said and done. Still, it's kind of nice to hear stars being honest about their situation.. even if it has long since passed.