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Steve Kerr When Asked If There Are Secret Hallways In The United Center: "Is There One That Gets To Fred Hoiberg's Locker Room?"


So, the NBA has been a madhouse lately. Fights are breaking out seemingly every day, with new drama unfolding every hour.

By far, though, the biggest story of the week has been between the Rockets and Clippers, who engaged in a pretty brutal affair Monday night.

Reports indicated that several Rockets players went after the Clippers, going so far as to storm their locker room. Well, there was apparently a secret tunnel to the Clippers room, which a few players took in an effort to vent their anger out on their rivals.

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Needless to say, both sides eventually calmed down, with the agressiveness staying minimal.

That didn't stop Steve Kerr from making a joke about it, though. When asked to comment on the situation, the emphatic Warriors head coach did not hold back on the bounds of his joke.

"Is there one that gets to Fred Hoiberg's locker room? Cause if I get pissed at him tonight I'm going right down the hallway."

For those that don't know, the Warriors play the Bulls tonight, which is why Hoibergs name came up. So, no, this isn't some personal vendetta. Still, it's all rather entertaining, isn't it?