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Steve Kerr Is Embracing The Haters With His Awesome Post-Game Shirt


Success is aways followed by haters. And for the Golden State Warriors, both success and haters are something they have plenty of.

Many fans resent the Warriors for acquiring Kevin Durant this summer and forming a super-team that will compete for the years to come. With all that hate coming in though, it seems the Warriors are embracing (and sometimes even trolling) those haters.

During Game 4 of the Finals this year, Draymond Green could be seen boring his head to chants of "Draymond sucks." After the game, he even went so far as to say that fans in Cleveland "aren't the brightest bunch."

The latest to join the troll train? None other then Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr.

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In his latest press conference, Kerr could be seen wearing a shirt that said "Supervillans" with a Warriors logo at the bottom.


That shirt represents something they actually are to the rest of the world: villains. Because of their superiority, and their almost unfair talent level, they've been rooted against from the very beginning. The team knows they aren't liked, but are choosing to embrace it in a very entertaining fashion.

It seems nobody is safe from the trolling of the Golden State Warriors. But why should they spare anyone? All year long, they've been judged and hated because of the team they've built. Now that they've made it this far, it only seems right that they should take a small jab back.

With Game 5 coming tomorrow, can "Supervillans" become Champions? Or will the Warriors lose, and please their many haters?