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Steph Curry Isn't A Fan Of Wearing His 2015 Championship Ring


The infamous Championship Ring is one of the awesome perks of being an NBA Champion. The gleaming Ring is supposed to resemble the vigor and honor of being a Champion.

Warriors superstar Steph Curry has one of those (about to have two), he just doesn't like to wear it too much.

While a Championship Ring isn't necessarily meant for everyday use, there are certainly more than enough occasions to flaunt the thing around. According to Steph himself, though, he's not too keen on wearing the bulky thing. In fact, he's only worn the thing on three occasions in a span of over two years.

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In a press conference with Anthony Slater, Steph admitted that, although his Ring is a little "ridiculous to wear," he might one day wear them anyway in some post-retirement state (much like Shaq).

Here's the presser: