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Steph Curry Debuts New Hairstyle In Game Against 76ers


When you're Steph Curry, normal rules -- more often than not -- don't apply to you.

Point guards aren't supposed to be pulling up from the mid-court logo and sinking triples? Oh wait, I'm Steph Curry, I can do that. MVP's aren't supposed to sign with shoe brands that aren't either Adidas, Jordan or Nike? Well, guess what, I signed with Under Armour. NBA players shouldn't dramatically change their hairstyle mid-season to something they've never tried before? Don't care.

That last part of that hypothetical monologue in Steph Curry's head actually came true last night, when the two-time MVP let us all bear witness to his new 'do, something he's changed more than once this season already, after rocking the same clean-shaven cut for almost his entire career.

Steph came out in the Warriors' game against the Philadelphia 76ers rocking a head full of dreads, albeit extremely short.

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Seeing someone like Curry -- who has kept his appearance very tame throughout his entire career -- suddenly make a dramatic change like this is a bit shocking, but since it's Curry, one of the highest-paid athletes in America, I'm pretty sure he doesn't care what we think.

The new hairstyle didn't affect Curry's play one bit either, as he finished with a quiet 22 points and 9 assists on 5-12 shooting in a 135-114 win over the 76ers.

You keep doing you Steph.