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Source: Jamal Crawford Would Have Joined Cavs Had The Isaiah Thomas Trade Happened Earlier


As it turns out, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James aren't the NBA's only pair of best freidns. Isaiah Thomad and Jamal Crawford, weirdly enough, have a relationship the transcends basketball itself.

And when it was revealed that the two met for dinner ahead of tonight's matchup, the scope of thier relationship showed its true colors.

"It's not like we played together in high school, or 'he's a cool kid and I'm a cool kid, let's be cool kids together,'" Crawford said, describing their friendship. "It wasn't like that. It was so organic."

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"On the weekends I would take the train and stay the weekends in New York," Thomas explained, telling the story of their early bond "He came to my games as well. It's been a helluva relationship, friendship and something that's crazy because I used to watch him in the NBA and now being able to compete, it's a blessing."

Indeed, it must have been pretty cool for Thomas to be able to compete against his long-time friend on the professional stage. But, how much cooler would it have been if they became teammates?

Although it seems unlikely now, Crawford admits that, had Isaiah been traded to the Cavs earlier, he likely would have gone to Cleveland instead of Minnesota. And while there are no changing things now, it really speaks volumes as to how close these guys really are.

(Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

(Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)