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Size 22 Shoes: 10 Players With The Biggest Feet In NBA History

Photo by H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY

Photo by H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY

Basketball players are and have always been way bigger folks than most people, they’re taller, stronger, quicker and with bigger arms, hands and bodies overall as a great advantage with a game that consists in you putting the ball on the bottom of a high hanging net.

We’ve seen some superhumans of the likes of Yao Ming, Boban Marjanovic, and Manute Bol take the NBA hardwoods most because of their body than because of their talent, and those are some guys you just won’t help but to look at if you find them in the streets.

Obviously,if you’re one of those kind of guys, you pretty much need to have all your clothes custom made, and that includes your shoes. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 basketball player that have the biggest feet on earth.

10. Blake Griffin


The newest addition of the Detroit Pistons is the first guy on our list, as the son of an interracial couple apparently got the best out of both sides. The All-Star big man wears giant size 17 shoes, perhaps those huge feet help him take off as he does.

9. Andre Iguodala

Iguodala is the most impressive name among all of the guys on this list, as he’s listed at 6’6 and can play at the shooting guard spot, while all of the other players listed here are centers. Well, the former Finals MVP and 2 time NBA Champion has 17.5 sized shoes, something quite impressive for someone his height.

8. Dwight Howard

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Dwight Howard’s shoulders are pretty much the size of basketball. Still, his feet are way more impressive, as the former All-Star and leading center for the Charlotte Hornets has size 18 shoes. Perhaps that’s why he’s never been an elite post player.

7. DeAndre Jordan


DeAndre Jordan’s feet are just huge, something that shouldn’t come as a surprise either considering he’s a superhuman that not much people can get past without paying the price for it. The Los Angeles Clippers starting center also wears size 18s, something like two times the average shoe size for the rest of us.

6. Kevin Durant


Wait, Kevin Durant shouldn’t be here, considering he’s allegedly not a 7 footer, something we all know is a huge lie. KD’s legs and feet are pretty much like a hockey stick, so the fact that the former MVP and reigning Finals MVP also wears size 18s as the other guys in this list.

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5. Yao Ming


Obviously, Yao Ming had to make our list, as the Chinese big man is one of the most giant human beings the world has ever seen, and that’s pretty much the reason why he was so successful in this list. The Meme-Face former Rocket also wear size 18s, not impressive for a 7’6 guy.

4. Robin Lopez


Robin Lopez is the bad Lopez brother, as he’s way more heavy and unathletic than his brother Brook. Still, the Chicago Bulls center is one of the guys with the most gigantic feet you’ll ever find, wearing size 20 shoes.

Robin Lopez is the bad Lopez brother, as he’s way more heavy and unathletic than his brother Brook. Still, the Chicago Bulls center is one of the guys with the most gigantic feet you’ll ever find, wearing size 20 shoes.

3. Brook Lopez


Could you guess this one? Obviously, with Brook Lopez being Robin Lopez’ twin, he also wears size 20s, although he’s way more talented than Robin, as he’s shown throughout his entire career as the Brooklyn Nets franchise guy and now with the young and reinforced Los Angeles Lakers.

2. Bob Lanier


There’s a lot that’s been said over Bob Lanier’s quite successful career as a walking double-double, a defensive machine and a guy that you just couldn’t dare to get past by below the rim, but what has never been said about the 15 year NBA veteran, is the fact that he wore some ridiculously big shoes: Size 22.

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1. Shaquille O’Neal


And finally, we had to go with the obvious here. Shaquille O’Neal is a human wall, and a guy that may intimidate even the biggest men on earth. Hell, he could even make a caveman back down with his presence. The most dominant center in the history of the game has gigantic feet, constantly rocking custom-made size 22 shoes, twice as big as the average American shoe.