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Saturday Night Live Roast LaVar Ball After LiAngelo's Arrest In China


The Ball family sure do know how to stay in the headlines, don't they?

This past week, the Ball family were all over the news, and for once, it wasn't about Lonzo or LaVar's antics. LiAngelo Ball, the middle Ball brother, was caught over in China with three of his UCLA teammates shoplifting from stores. Now, China doesn't take kindly to petty theft, so LiAngelo and Co. were promptly arrested and imprisoned. Now, if you were LaVar Ball, what would you do in this situation? If you didn't answer "Continue touring around China to sell more Big Baller Brand merchandise" you'd be wrong.

As you can imagine, LaVar has been getting from the media for his decision, and it's culminated in a LaVar Ball impersonation from none other than Saturday Night Live's Keenan Thompson.

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Keenan absolutely nails both the look and mannerisms of LaVar, and I wouldn't be surprised to see BBB release those chicken rotisserie cooker shoes released in 2018.

You can expect many more skits involving LaVar all over television and the internet as well, as the father of the Ball brothers, as well as some of the Ball boys themselves, provide comedians with endless content to parody and lampoon, especially if they continue to get in trouble with the law overseas.