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SATIRE: LeBron's Phone Lit Up With Texts After The All-Star Draft


As most of you know by now, the inaugral NBA All-Star draft was held on Thursday night, with both team captains LeBron James and Stephen Curry picking their teams via a secret conference call, with the results being broadcast by Inside The NBA after the draft had concluded.

James' team won the seal of approval from the majority of NBA fans, with some describing his team as 'the greatest team assembled since the 1992 Dream Team,' and 'a team that could rival the Monstars.'

Twitter went off after the draft with a host of memes and jokes about the two squads -- remaining Stephen Curry's -- but something else also seemed to go off after the draft, none other than LeBron's phone*, with a few messages from some of his teammates and players he had drafted that night. Take a look.

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*Note: The image below is not a real screenshot of LeBron James' phone, and is merely a picture for entertainment purposes.

Some of the highlights of the text messages LeBron received includes saving Kevin Durant's and Kevin Love's contacts in his phone with snake and angry emoji's in their names respectively, as well the NBA itself informing James he can't take his All-Star squad back to Cleveland with him. What a shame.

What sort of messages do you think Steph Curry would have received after the All-Star draft?