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Satire: Dwyane Wade Leaks Texts From Chris Bosh After Signing With The Cavs


It's been a wild time for Dwyane Wade this past week.

After being bought out by the Bulls, citing a lack of competitiveness from the franchise as his reason for departure, D-Wade has already signed for a new team, none other than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wade joins the likes of long-time friend LeBron James, as well as Isaiah Thomas, Kevin Love, and former MVP Derrick Rose on the Cavs roster, forming a very formidable squad.

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But a name that everyone has seemed to forget is the final piece of the Miami Heat Big 3, Chris Bosh.

Bosh has been dealing with health issues as of late, getting cut from the Miami Heat due to potentially fatal blood clots, and hasn't played basketball since. Despite this, it doesn't mean the final Big 3 member can't be a part of the Cavaliers in some way, and it seems CB has been feeling a little left out judging by Dwyane Wade's text messages.

Note: The image below is fake and isn't actually a screenshot taken from Dwyane Wade's phone. It is being used purely for comedic purposes.

Chris Bosh wants to make an NBA return reeeaaaalllly badly it seems.