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Russell Westbrook Subtly Roasts Kevin Durant With Another Shirt Message


Russell Westbrook has to be either one of the smartest players in the league when it comes to beef, or the pettiest guy in the NBA.

We're sure you all remember that now-infamous Kevin Durant Twitter fiasco where Durant was exposed replying to haters using his official Twitter account. KD trashed both Thunder coach Billyu Donovan and all of OKC's roster apart from Westbrook in his replies. If you don't recall, here are the screenshots:

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Well, Russell Westbrook definitely hasn't forgotten.

Notice that last image? "Kd can't win a championship with those cats"? Yeah, it seems Russ took offense to that particular statement, and he made sure everyone knew in the most discreet way possible after the Thunder's win over Australian side Melbourne United during the NBA preseason.

Notice the shirt Westbrook is wearing, encouraging everyone to adopt a feline? Yeah, that's definitely not what Russ is trying to convey with that t-shirt. Westbrook's actually referencing his Thunder teammates as the cats in this petty metaphor directed KD's way, as Durant thinks "those cats" can't win a chip.

Well, guess what Kevin? Did you see both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony becoming one of those cats this season? I bet you didn't.