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Russell Westbrook Does Not Want To Think About Last Time Thunder Missed The Playoffs


It's hard to imagine a Western Conference playoff picture that does not include Russ and the Oklahoma City Thunder, especially now.

But what so many seem to forget is that the very same scenario was actually reality just a few years ago, in the 2014-15 NBA season. One reporter, to his mistake, decided to bring that up again and mention it to Westbrook in a pre-game interview. Russ, to no one's surprise, had a quick and sassy response to the poor guy's question. Here's the clip:

You can't really blame Russ for not wanting to talk about something that happened three seasons ago, especially when things are so different now. He's playing with two other stars, has an MVP under his belt, and no longer plays with half the guys he did back then.

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Even still, whatever The Brodie may or may not want to believe, he may have to get used to the idea of sitting out of the post-season if this recent trend of basketball continues.

Maybe then the media will be able to bring up the subject...