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Quick Activities For Basketball Fans During Breaks In Play

Quick Activities For Basketball Fans During Breaks In Play

Basketball is still one of the most popular sports around the US and the entire globe. It is estimated that there are around 400 million basketball fans globally! The premier league in this sport is still the NBA. Not only is this the spiritual home of basketball, but it also draws the best players from around the world to famous teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. Top end-of-season clashes, such as the 2020 NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Miami Heat, also give fans high-octane drama to enjoy.

As a result, many people tune in to watch games from the NBA and other top competitions. While the action is fast and frenetic, timeouts and stoppages can sometimes see breaks in play. Most fans hate these as they simply have to sit there while they wait for the game to restart. It does not have to be like this though! There are actually some quick yet fun activities that any basketball fan can do when the on-court action stops.

What are they?

Play online casino games

One enjoyable way to fill time during any break in play is trying out online casino games. Whether you log onto social casinos for online gambling CA fun or play at online casinos in other states where online gambling is legal, this is an awesome tip. Finding the right online site to play at is essential though, which is where checking first comes into play. This is an independent review site that brings together the best casinos around the US to game at.

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What makes these games so great when the on-court action stops? Firstly, they are easy to pick up and play quickly due to the fast-paced action and simple game design. This means that spinning a few online slot reels or enjoying a hand or two of online blackjack is doable. They are also fun to play and so prevent you from getting bored when the action stops for a little while.

Catch up on social media news

Powerful modern smartphones with internet connectivity are not only good for playing online games, but they also bring social media platforms to your fingertips. Twitter has over 250 million users in 2020, for example, which shows the popularity of this type of platform. When there is a timeout or stoppage in the game, quickly logging onto sites like this is a top idea. Accessing these sites is quick, and you can scroll through them to catch up with friends or on the latest news while you wait. Not only is this more entertaining than simply waiting for play to restart, but it also keeps you up to date with what is happening in the world.

Check the scores in other games

Most basketball fans are not only obsessed with their own team but also how other NBA sides are getting on. Keeping up with scores in other games is not always possible while play is happening in your game though – you might miss a key moment if you do! When the ball goes dead in the game you are watching, why not quickly check out the scores in other games?

You can use a mobile device to do this or even flick TV channels to see what is going on elsewhere. Of course, if you are into other sports as well as basketball, you can use the break in play to check out what is happening in them via your smartphone or TV set.

Chat to people around you

Although a lot of what you can do involves heading online or checking out other scores or games on TV, you could also choose to chat. If, for example, you are watching the game with your buddies at home, you may not chat much when the game is live. This is because you may not want to miss out on the key action by talking over it! When there is a stoppage though, you have the perfect chance to analyze what has gone on and what might happen next. If you prefer to get court side when this is next possible, you could also chat to the people around you to stay busy.

Breaks in play need not be boring

Most basketball fans love to see non-stop action on court and hate any stoppages. However, these breaks can actually give you an opportunity to not only do something fun but also take stock of the game itself. If you want a few cool ideas on what to do when the game stops, the above should help.