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People Have Been Trolling James Harden By Editing Marcus Smart's Wikipedia Page, And It's Hilarious


James Harden has copped a lot of flak for his performance at the end of the game between his Houston Rockets and the Boston Celtics earlier this week.

With the Rockets up by 26 points at one stage in the third quarter, the Celtics, who happened to be playing at home, stormed back in the fourth to challenge the Rockets to the win, a task which seemed impossible entering the third quarter.

Queue the now-patented James Harden fourth-quarter meltdown, as the Bearded One proceeded to commit not one, but two offensive fouls in the space of about 5 in-game seconds, turning over the ball the first time to give the Celtics a chance to take the lead, which they did, then all but killing the Rockets chances to get a half-court heave off the second time.

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Many argued that Marcus Smart put on his best flopping shoes that night against Houston, but you can't deny the bulldog-like Smart had gotten into Harden's head and was milking it for all it was worth, leading to the Celtics' amazing comeback win.

Unfortunately for Smart though, despite all the trolling he did that led to that James Harden meltdown, he wasn't even the biggest troll of the night. That title goes to Marcus' fans.

Smart and Celtic fans raided Smart's Wikipedia page straight after the game, and you can guess what happened next.

How neat is that? Not only is Smart Harden's father, but he's younger than him as well! The trolling didn't stop there though, as the rest of the internet went IN on Harden, including Twitter.

Wikipedia admins were quick to undo the mess Smart fans had left on his Wikipedia page, but it'll definitely go down as one of the funnier moments we've had all season in the NBA.