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Paul Pierce Isn't Keen On Isaiah Thomas Getting Tribute Video On Night His Jersey Is Retired


To tribute or not to tribute, that is the question (albeit, not a very important one) the Boston Celtics must answer if they wish to end the Isaiah Thomas drama their way.

After the ex-Celtics star requested they don't show one during yesterday's reunion game, in which he sat out, questions, scrutiny and major publicity have surrounded the ordeal. The idea of the Celtics commemorating Thomas' tenure with the team seems like an innocent enough idea. And while many laid into I.T. for his seemingly petty demand to not have one, others still believe it'd be good to show the video at another game when Thomas is ready, and things have died down.

For Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce, it doesn't really matter what his former team decides to do, as long as it doesn't interfere with his historic night. On ESPN's The Jump, Pierce admitted that the idea of a Thomas tribute on his jersey retirement day was something he didn't particularly like the sound of. And, quite honestly, who can blame him?

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For those that don't know, February 11th is the next (and final) time this season the Cavaliers will face the Celtics in the TD Garden. And, thus, it is their last chance to tribute Isaiah Thomas before the season ends.

The choice for Boston, however, seemed pretty clear: Deliver no tribute to Isaiah (at least, this year) with virtually no consequence, or interrupt Paul Pierce's historic jersey retirement night to play a video tribute to a guy who said only spent a year with the squad and created a firestorm on his way out.

But in a slew of recent events, the Celtics have officially announced that they'll elect to go with the latter, much to the dismay of their fans. For some reason (either by his ego or just bad timing), I.T. specifically wanted his video to be played the 11th (the next Cavs vs Celts game at TD), meaning Paul Peirce will have to share his big day... whether he likes it or not.