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Paul George Makes Crucial Mistake In His Last Words To Indiana


Being is home for the last 7 years, Indiana no doubt has a special place in Paul George's heart. Despite what has happened in the recent weeks, PG gave his all for the city and the team. They had a few elite seasons as well, finishing atop the East several times.

When he announced that we want out, however, things had to change. PG will always hold a special place for Indy, but he wanted to go somewhere else to play. He wanted to go to Los Angeles.

When Indiana finally traded him to OKC, not even 24 hours ago, people assumed the George saga would be over. But with all indications still hinting at a future in L.A., it's very likely he'll wind up there.

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In his goodbye post to Indiana, George was very professional in sharing his love to Pacers fans everywhere.

But if you pay close attention, you'll notice where the star forward was when he posted his goodbye. It seems he left his location on, and now everyone knows where he's probably been all summer long.

That's right, he was in L.A., which is where he ultimately wants to play. Admittedly, it's not the biggest deal in the world. But for die-hard Pacers fans, that's gotta hurt. In what was supposed to be a nod to his fans, he gave them all a small reminder of the place he'd rather be.

One last message to Paul George: next time, try turning off your location settings!