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One Of The Longest Streaks In The NBA May End This Season


It’s not a secret that legendary center Shaquille O’Neal has played for many franchises in the NBA, and has been teammates with a hell of a lot of players, which is why a current streak involving Shaq -- dating back to 1984 -- isn't that surprising.

During on of Ernie Johnson's famous ‘EJ’s Neat-O Stat of the Night’ segments, EJ revealed that Shaquille O'Neal has been a teammate of an NBA champ every year since 1984, starting off with the 1984 Boston Celtics, who had George Kite on their roster at the time, and who would eventually play with Shaq on the Magic in 1994.

That streak is still running today, with the 2017 champion Golden State Warriors having Matt Barnes on their roster, who Shaq played with on the Phoenix Suns back in 2009.

1984 (Celtics) George Kite (Magic, 1994)

1985 (Lakers) — Byron Scott (Lakers, 1997)

1986 (Celtics) George Kite (Magic, 1994)

1987 (Lakers) — A.C. Green (Lakers, 2000)

1988 (Lakers) — A.C. Green (Lakers, 2000)

1989 (Pistons) —Dennis Rodman (Lakers, 1999)

1990 (Pistons) — John Salley (Lakers, 2000)

1991 (Bulls) — Horace Grant (Lakers, 2004)

1992 (Bulls) — Horace Grant (Lakers, 2004)

1993 (Bulls) — Horace Grant (Lakers, 2004)

1994 (Rockets) — Robert Horry (Lakers, 2003)

1995 (Rockets) — Robert Horry (Lakers, 2003)

1996 (Bulls) — Steve Kerr (Magic, 1993)

1997 (Bulls) — Ron Harper (Lakers, 2001)

1998 (Bulls) — Ron Harper (Lakers, 2001)

1999 (Spurs) — Steve Kerr (Magic, 1993)

2000 (Lakers)* — Kobe Bryant (Lakers, 2004)

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2001 (Lakers)* — Tyronn Lue (Lakers, 2001)

2002 (Lakers)* — Rick Fox (Lakers, 2004)

2003 (Spurs) — Steve Kerr (Magic, 1993)

2004 (Pistons) — Lindsey Hunter (Lakers, 2002)

2005 (Spurs) — Robert Horry (Lakers, 2003)

2006 (Heat)* — Dwyane Wade (Heat, 2008)

2007 (Spurs) — Robert Horry (Lakers, 2003)

2008 (Celtics) — Paul Pierce (Celtics, 2011)

2009 (Lakers) — Derek Fisher (Lakers, 2004)

2010 (Lakers) — Luke Walton (Lakers, 2004)

2011 (Mavericks) —Sasha Pavlovic (Celtics, 2011)

2012 (Heat) — Udonis Haslem (Heat, 2008)

2013 (Heat) — Ray Allen (Celtics, 2011)

2014 (Spurs) — Boris Diaw (Suns, 2009)

2015 (Warriors) — Leandro Barbosa (Suns, 2009)

2016 (Cavaliers) — LeBron James (Cavaliers, 2010)

2017 (Warriors/Cavaliers) — Matt Barnes (Suns, 2009), LeBron James (Cavaliers, 2010)

*O’Neal was a member of that championship team.

But now, in 2018, with the Warriors once again favorites to win the title this year, there is a real risk that the 34-year-old streak is about to be broken.

Matt Barnes retired after the Warriors' 2017 championship, meaning that Golden State doesn't have a player on their roster who used to play with Shaq, meaning if they do indeed win the championship this season, the streak will come to an end.

There are a few ways that the streak could stay alive, however, including the unlikely scenario that Golden State either sign a free agent that used to play with Shaq, like Glen Davis, who played with O'Neal back in Boston, or trade for one, such as Robin Lopez, who played with O'Neal in Phoenix.

Other than the Warriors making a move, if the Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James) or San Antonio Spurs (Danny Green) win the title this year, the streak will stay alive.