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Nine Years Ago Today: "Anything Is Possible!" By Kevin Garnett


With confetti raining from the rafters and that infamous "We Are The Champions" song by Queen filling the stadium like a rock concert, Kevin Garnett could finally let it all out.

For it was this date, June 17 2008, that Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics became champions of the basketball world. No longer were they just a band of stars who couldn't get it done. They were, as Kevin puts it, "top of the world."

Not only did they finally get the chip, but they did so against a team they had so much history against. What better way to win a championship than by beating the team who had beat you so many times in the past? Lakers vs Celtics, Pierce vs Bryant, Gasol vs Garnett. Those Finals was like a match made in heaven. At the time, the results were completely up in the air.

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But as we now know, the Celtics made history that day. It would end up being the only Championship Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce would ever win. But what a sweet victory it was, huh?

So as we sit here in mid June, with no basketball coming for a while, let's look back at this moment and the infamous interview that came with it. Enjoy!