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NBA Teams That Never Won A Championship

NBA Teams That Never Won A Championship

The 2016–17 season is the 71st season in NBA History, and so far we have only 19 winners. You already know that Boston Celtics (17) and Los Angeles Lakers (16) are the best franchises, but did you know that only 5 teams (Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, Spurs and Warriors) have won more than 3 championships, and they cover almost 70 percent of the titles in the NBA.

The Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers fall short of this mark however, as they only have 3 titles each to their name. After them, New York Knicks and Houston Rockets have 2 titles per franchise, and after them we have 9 franchises who have no more than 1 title.

12 of the current 30 NBA teams have never won a championship, and you will find more about them.

Check the NBA teams that never won a championship.

Phoenix Suns (Joined the NBA in 1968, NBA Finals: 1976 and 1993, but lost both times)


Los Angeles Clippers (Joined the NBA as the Buffalo Braves in 1970, wNBA Finals: 0)


Denver Nuggets (Joined the NBA in 1976, NBA Finals: 0)


Utah Jazz (Joined the NBA as the New Orleans Jazz in 1974, NBA Finals: 1997 and 1998, but Michael Jordan was there)


Indiana Pacers (Joined the NBA in 1976, NBA Finals: 2000, but lost to the Los Angeles Lakers)

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Brooklyn Nets: Joined the NBA in 1976, NBA Finals: 2002 and 2003, lost to the Spurs and Lakers)


New Orleans Pelicans (Joined the NBA in 2003, NBA Finals: 0)


Minnesota Timberwolves (Joined the NBA in 1990, NBA Finals: 0)


Orlando Magic (Joined the NBA in 1990. NBA Finals: 1995 and 2009, but they lost to the Rockets and Lakers)


Memphis Grizzlies (Joined the NBA in 1995, NBA Finals: 0)


Toronto Raptors (Joined the NBA in 1995, NBA Finals: 0)


Charlotte Hornets (Joined the NBA in 2004, NBA Finals: 0)