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NBA Stars And Their “Modest” First Purchases

NBA Stars and Their “Modest” First Purchases

From the perspective of an armchair NBA enthusiast, it's always nice to get some insight into our heroes' lives in the hope that we can glean something from them to help us on our own. Whether it's looking at their workout routines or getting an understanding of their mindset and we can then apply this to our lives and face challenges, one of the most interesting aspects that we would rather hear about is exotic and strange purchases. The typical NBA star is not short of cash, but when they enter the NBA draft, this is the rags to riches story we like to see, and as the perks of becoming a professional athlete mean that they have a multimillion-dollar contract to splash out on anything they want, some of your favorites have made some pretty wild purchases.

Miles Bridges And His Jewelry

Granted, when Miles Bridges entered the NBA draft in 2018 and was swooped up by the Charlotte Hornets, he did buy a new car ready for his firstborn child, which was a $100,000 Range Rover. He also bought his mother a house, which is another sensible purchase, but he wanted to fit in with his teammates, so, naturally, he bought a $30,000 Gold Presidential Rolex! Also, to “fit in” he bought $60,000 worth of custom chains. While you may think that investing in a couple of private plates or a hatchback will be enough for you, if you really want to live life like an NBA all-star, you've got to have the bling!

Gilbert Arena's Massive Spending Spree

Between 2003 and 2010, he was at his peak with the Washington Wizards, and prior to being known as Agent Zero, he went almost completely broke. He took out a loan after betting on himself before the 2001 NBA draft, and went on a slightly modest shopping spree that consists of a $40,000 chain, $60,000, and, a Cadillac Escalade with a modest five televisions! But it goes to show that crazy expenditure doesn't come without its karma; he had to live on a $400 budget during the first two seasons of his NBA tenure. But of course, we shouldn't feel so sorry for him, especially after his $111 million deal back in 2008.

Harrison Barnes And His Nice “Bed”

When he joined the NBA in 2012, the “Black Falcon” made his first purchase on something he had dreamed of throughout his childhood. Growing up, he wanted a nice bed, and while this is not an extravagant purchase, when he went mattress shopping, it felt like Christmas was coming for him as he relaxed into every mattress in the store deciding on the perfect fit for him. Having grown up with terrible financial problems, you've got to hand it to him for buying, in his own words, “one of the nicer beds.”

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Tyler Herro And His Two Cars

One of the most common purchases for anybody with a big paycheck is to splash out on one nice set of wheels, but after purchasing a $5,000 Gucci purse for his mother, he then focused on his sets of wheels. First, he bought an S-Class 63 AMG 2020 Mercedes, valued at $200,000, and a more modest $60,000 Jeep Wrangler. However, after the car, he did go for a $4,000 portrait of himself playing basketball all at different stages of his life which were technically more modest in cost.

Andre Iguodala And His Nike Spree

He is one of the great examples of someone that, as soon as getting a huge amount of money, plainly did not know what to do with it. As a middle school student, he worked as a camp counselor during the summer and went from $10 an hour to a five-figure paycheck he had needed to go and spend what he could on sneakers. Granted, while he spent $2,000 or $3,000, this was very little in comparison to the $25,000 loan he borrowed against the advances for trading cards and a shoe contract. One of the most modest expenses, but he has made a number of investments in the tech world, and no doubt his stakes in Zoom have paid off infinitely since the pandemic.

Ben Simmons And His Exotic Pets

When he got picked for the NBA in 2016, his first NBA contract earnings went on to pets. He's a big fan of wild animals, so he, as we all would, went for two Savannah cats. His first Savannah cat cost $4,000, and finding that she needed a friend, they went for a male equivalent that cost $6,000, however, he soon regretted these purchases because he emerged with a couple of scratches. He ended up giving both cats back. Hopefully, he hung on to the receipt!

Shaquille O'Neal And A Black Mercedes

Upon receiving a $1 million cheque from an endorsement deal prior to the 1992 NBA draft, he went for a black Mercedes Benz as it is what he always wanted, but upon showing it to his parents, his father rightly asked where his car was, so Shaq Attack bought his father an identical one, and bought his mother a smaller one, which took his expenses up to $500,000. He also splurged on some of the essentials of the day, including a pager, and soon found out that after taxes, was in the red by $80,000!

Draymond Green And His Night Out

When he started out in 2012, when he got an $850,000 rookie contract, he ran up a tab of $21,000 on a night out, and while this is not the most extravagant night out on record, he still regrets spending that much, especially when he could have done it for at least $4,000! Not a modest amount of money either!

So many of these NBA all-stars have money to burn, and while we would kill for a small percentage of their earnings, let's learn from their mistakes, you don't need to buy Savannah cats, jewelry, or so many Nike shoes!