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NBA Players That Are Well-Known For Their Love For Gambling

NBA Players That Are Well-Known For Their Love For Gambling

It won’t be wrong to say that an NBA basketball courts’ bright lights often have the same allure as the lights you in Atlantic City or Las Vegas casinos. While the majority of the basketball fans can never contemplate these two worlds going hand-in-hand, there are many popular NBA players which are known for their love of gambling.

For instance, Michael Jordan prefers gambling mostly in the Atlantic City casinos and Las Vegas is the favorite gambling destination of Charles Barkley. If you too are fond of both NBA and gambling, but hate the idea of traveling long distances to enjoy your favorite casino games, you must check out the LeoVegas welcome offer where you get 22 free spins as soon as you sign up as well as many other options where you can enjoy live casino games from within the comfort of your home, through web streaming technology.

In fact players from all over the world tune in to these live games using webcams, and are dealt by real professional croupiers, in real time. So, you get to play on an actual casino table, without being physically present there!

Let’s tell you about some of these NBA players and their love affair with gambling.

Michael Jordan


Considered by many as the best NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan’s personality is such that he is always competitive, both on and off the basketball court. One of the ways in which he expresses his competitiveness is by gambling at Atlantic City casinos.

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Another favorite pastime of Jordan is competing with his friends and other sports stars in golf by placing big money bets. In fact, one of his friends made $ 1 million off him in one such bet. He also loves indulging in shooting competitions with his former NBA teammates.

Charles Barkley


Charles Barkley is another great personality produced by the NBA. The 6’5” football star is quite intimidating and impressive on the court, especially when he comes down on any defensive player.

Back in the year 2006, Barkley shocked everyone when he confessed to having lost a phenomenal $ 10 million in casino gambling. Unlike Jordan, Barkley prefers gambling at Las Vegas casinos. In fact, the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas had to take him to court for not honoring his bets close to $ 400,000.

JR Smith


The former player at Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks, and presently the shooting guard for Cleveland Cavaliers, JR Smith has always been known for his strange on-court behavior. If you haven’t heard it already, here’s a funny story about him that will help you understand why he has this reputation. Smith’s multi-million dollar mansion was once broken into and among the several things that the thieves took was a suitcase consisting of $ 15,000 in cash.

When asked by the police about the money, he told them that it was his ‘gambling money’. Well, that might not be so weird for someone who is a multi-millionaire, but for common folks, it would be pretty insane to keep a suitcase full of thousands of dollars at home, that too for gambling!