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Must Watch: Westbrook and Melo Share the Court In A Dominating Fashion


This NBA offseason has been a real doozy. With stars flying this way and that, the pro basketball world as really taken an interesting turn this summer.

Of course, there's still time for another game changing move to happen, but it seems things could finally be calming down. October is coming, and training camps will start in just a matter of weeks. But even with that said, the trade chatter will never be completely quiet.

For both Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook, their situation (at the very least) looks intriguing. They both could be Free Agents next year, which opens up a huge world of possibilities.

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One of which could involve the two of them even teaming up. Think about it for a second. Carmelo, the veteran shooting forward, and Westbrook, the young athletic point guard, teaming up to form a new one-two punch? That'd be epic.

Of course, any mix of players could be added to a party like that. And the more talent the two could have, the further the team would be able to go. The excitement is always building as new opportunities arise. And in case you had doubts about a Melo/Westbrook pairing, take a look at what the scene could look like if both shared the court together: