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Mind-Blowing Stat Shows How Ridiculously Rich Russell Westbrook's New Contract Is


Yesterday, Russell Westbrook signed the Richest contract in NBA History.

After weeks of sitting on the extension, he finally officially agreed to its terms of $205 million over 5 years. If you thought that was a lot of money, you were right.

But ESPN shared an interesting comparison to Russ' contract that may just blow your mind. This is what they posted to their Instagram after news of Westbrook's extension went public:

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Just to recap, Westbrook will make more money per game in the final year of his contract than former NBA superstar Michael Jordan made his entire rookie season.

Admittedly, that's a bit ridiculous. But the NBA is as popular as ever, and the salary cap has reached new heights. If teams can afford to pay a player like Westbrook that much money, why shouldn't they?

Westbrook is an essential part of the team, and his play on the court definitely warrants a huge payday. Scoring over 30 points per game last while averaging a Triple-Double confirmed that the Thunder couldn't let this man walk.

But what about Michael Jordan? It'd be interesting to think about what he would make if he played in today's game during his prime. No doubt, teams would open up their wallets for the G.O.A.T, just like they clearly have for the 2017 MVP.