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Matt Barnes Says Goodbye To The Game In Detailed Instagram Post


No matter how aweosme it is to play basketball for a living, there comes a point in every athlete's life when it's time to say goodbye.

For NBA forward Matt Barnes, that time is now. Throughout the course of his detailed pro career, Barnes maintained a legacy of toughness, grit, and flat out guts. When you needed some inspiration, he was there to answer the call. When the team lacked energy, he was there to light them up.

Skill-wise, he was not short of talent, either. He could defend, rebound, and make those game-changing plays that every squad required to win the toughest games. Put simply, this guy had an amazing run. But after his small tenure in Golden State, he knew it was time to hang 'em up. In a recent Instagram post, Barnes decides to make his decision public.

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No doubt, Barnes certainly did it his way. Hopefully, in retirement, he'll do the same.