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LeBron James Wants An Oscar Of His Own


The relationship between LeBron and Kobe has always been a strange one. While there is mutual respect on both sides, the competitiveness between the two is blatantly obvious.

So when it was announced the Kobe won an Oscar last night for his role in "Dear Basketball," it was only natural that people turned their ears to what LeBron may have to say about it. And while The King certainly has different fish to fry right now, he didn't exactly deny that he might want to win an Oscar one day as well.

Take a listen:

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It's no secret that Bron has a liking towards the stage, as he's taken on several projects involved in the subject already. But winning an Oscar? That's no small feat.

Regardless, looks like the Mamba may have some competition. Because as we've seen in the past, when LeBron sets out to do something, he usually gets it done.