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LeBron James, Steph Curry, Michael Jordan All Share One Unfortunate Problem


When you talk about the biggest names in the game MJ, LeBron, and Curry are usually at the top of the list. As a result, their brands are some of the most famous in the world. With shoes running as high as $250, fans would usually have no problem paying that much for a sneaker by their favorite star. But right now, it looks like all three basketball legends have a similar problem.

Thier shoe sales are way lower than usual. In a chat with CNN Money, Foot Locker CEO Richard Johnson revealed that

"Sales of some recent top styles fell well short of our expectations,"

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Obviously, brands like that are usually topping the sales list. So when Foot Locker revealed that the brands weren't doing so hot, it was a telling sign.

Lonzo Ball recently came out with his ZO2's and was scrutinized for the absurdly high price. Although not nearly as high, could this trend be a signal that nobody wants to spend so much on sneaker anymore? Whether it's the popularity of the stars dipping down, or the fascination with sneakers taking a huge hit, it seems that nobody is willing to spend over $100 on sneaker anymore. The times are changing.

We're not quite sure the reason, or when this strange downturn in popular NBA superstar shoe sales will end, but it seems that times could be changing. These stars and their brands may have to change things up to stay on top.