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LeBron James Is The Kind Of Friend Every Guy Dreams Of


So, having a friend that happens to be the bets basketball player on the planet is already pretty cool right?

But imagine if that friend did what LeBron did at a summer pool party a few years ago.

As a famous pro-ball player, LeBron James is obviously no stranger to attention.. especially when that attention comes from women. Fair to say, Bron-Bron has had to turn down more than a few in his day.

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In this particular situation, the reason why LeBron originally curves this chick is completely unknown. Perhaps he didn't want the temptation, perhaps he just wasn't feeling it, or maybe she just wasn't his type. Whatever the reason, LeBron kindly sends the woman to his friend, who's standing just a few inches away.

Sheesh... what a guy!

To utterly curve a chick like that takes someone special, but sending him to his friend was just an added touch that his bro no doubt appreciated.