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LeBron James Has Just Been Caught Sliding Into An Instagram Model's DM's

LeBron DMs

We all know of the Cleveland Cavaliers' recent on-court struggles, posting a 4-6 record through 10 games and currently sit at 12th place in the Eastern Conference. But what if the Cavs' leader, LeBron James, has some off-court distractions which in turn are hurting the team?

That could very well be the case after James was exposed messaging a self-proclaimed Instagram model out of the blue recently over Snapchat.


Real smooth LeBron.

The model later uploaded another screenshot of their conversation to her Snapchat.

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Of course, many questioned the legitimacy of the original screenshot, as James had changed his Instagram profile picture, and the first screenshot didn't reflect that, but the model laid those 'fake' claims to rest with a second screengrab, but notably censoring her side of the conversation with emojis. What's she trying to hide?

The model in question is Heidi V. Hoback, and if her claims are to be believed, it's no wonder King James slid into her inbox. All you need to do is have a look at some of her Instagram posts to get a reading as to who she is as a person. We're not going to publically share all of her Insta pics on our website, but we will share the one post that apparently attracted LeBron in the first place.


Obviously, we have to take Heidi's screenshots with a grain of salt, as it's not unheard of to have 'Instagram models' photoshop fake conversations with star athletes in hopes of getting large payouts from the athletes in question to keep their mouth shut, and given LeBron James' immaculate public image, something which he values very highly, Hoback's screenshots are almost certainly fake.

But you never know.