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LeBron James Gets Roasted On Twitter After Posting Cringe Superbowl Tweet


It's well known that the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James is perhaps one of the most lamest NBA players when it comes to social media and quotes.

He's like a dad with kids cracking terrible jokes, he probably thinks there's nothing wrong with what he's doing when there clearly is to the rest of the world.

From using the 'Arthur Fist' meme incorrectly on Instagram, to congratulating himself on reaching 30,000 points in the third-person before reaching the milestone, James has had his fair share of cringeworthy moments in the past year or two alone.

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It'll come as no surprise to you then to learn that LeBron only added to his cringe totals yesterday before the Superbowl, sending out this safe tweet.

With all the drama that's been hovering around the Cavaliers lately -- including that 32-point defeat to the Houston Rockets only a few days ago -- it's no surprise that James was given hell for his tweet, whether some considered it cringeworthy or not.

Even though the image of three Isaiah Thomas' stacked on each other trying to block Chris Paul has nothing to do with his original tweet, it's still hilarious for some reason. Fans then decided to roast LeBron for the rumors that he may be headed to Golden State after this season. Fans also took shots at Bron for the team's apparent unfair treatment of Kevin Love lately.

LeBron will probably be thinking twice now before sitting on the fence between two teams, or even tweeting at all during a tumultuous time for his franchise.