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LaVar Ball's Latest Declaration Will Stick With Him 'Til He Dies


You remember LaVar Ball right?

Well, he's had a pretty quiet last few weeks (according to his standards), while his son continues to struggle adjusting to life on the NBA court.

Tonight's game is sort of a statement game, with Zo going up against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. if he can somehow make a lasting impact tonight, it would do a lot in showing Los Angeles he is capable of being the player they hailed him to be so early on.

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But, even with the game going on, it's not Lonzo that caught himself in the spotlight. Rather it was LaVar, and he used some pretty intense words to get it, saying that he will think his son is better than Steph Curry "until he dies."

Considering Curry came to Lonzo's defense just a few nights ago, this latest LaVar comment is a bit of a low blow. Even so, we'll see how both sides respond as the game in Staples Center nears its end.