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LaVar Ball May Have Gone Too Far With Latest Comments About Michael Jordan


Trash talk is a common thing in sports. Guys are always yapping and chirping about whos better. But there's always a golden rule that no man should ever cross. No matter what kind of beef you may have, never bring up another mans kids for the sake of trash talk.

LaVar Ball is known for bending the norms of media interaction. But his latest comments about why he's better than Michael Jordan may have crossed the line a little.

In a Facebook Q & A video with fans of the Big Baller Brand Facebook page, LaVar revealed why he thinks he is "so much better than Jordan."

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“Here’s the reason why I’m so much better than Jordan. Jordan had some sons too. But his sons didn’t turn out like my sons. That shows how much athleticism I had oozing out of me. I made three killers. He couldn’t even make two.”

Granted, LaVar was probably not being 100% serious. But still, knowing LaVar, he definitely meant what he said. And to say so publicly has to be a huge sucker punch to MJ. Mr. Ball broke the golden rule of trash talk, and it could come back to bite him in the future.

With no care or regard for what comes out of his mouth these days, the publics already sour opinion on him could get even worse. He could make it harder for his Brand and his Sons to get opportunities in the future.

So far, LaVar has been fine doing things his way. Eventually, however, his antics could catch up to him in a big way.