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LaVar Ball Has Just Evicted LiAngelo For Getting A Tattoo Without Telling Him


First it was angering the entire Chinese Government by shoplifting during a trip over to China with his UCLA teammates, but LiAngelo Ball may have just topped himself in the 'Things I shouldn't have done' department.

The second-oldest Ball child has pissed off his father, LaVar Ball, something which is arguably scarier than pissing off the Chinese government.

On the latest episode of Ball In The Family, it was revealed that Gelo went behind his dad's back to get a full upper body tattoo. The thing is, LaVar despises tattoos. Sure, his older brother Lonzo has one, but it's extremely small and resides on his wrist. Which in comparison to Gelo's tattoo, is minuscule.

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During the episode, LiAngelo was forced to strip down to step into some sort of oxygen chamber, and with LaVar in attendance, all hell broke loose.

“The fool went crazy and drew all over his body. You know I don’t like tattoos, so I guess when we get back home, you got somewhere else to stay because I ain’t letting you stay in my house with that all over your chest. Because I told you if you living in my presence, you better live my way.”

Word of advice LiAngelo: Maybe ask your dad's permission next time you want to get inked. Just a thought.