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Kyrie Irving Shaves Beard, Switches Up Look


Kyrie Irving has been going through a lot lately. With rumors running rampant about his unhappiness in Cleveland, it's not surprising that things have seemed so chaotic.

Not only for him but for the entire league. It seems like everything is hinging on Kyrie's next move.

WIth all that's going on, it's understandable why the man would want a fresh look. True, it's nothing close to major. But sometimes even the most subtle changes can make a big difference!

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This is the case with Kyrie Irving, who looks about 5 years younger with his empty chin. The new look isn't anything complicated, and it's definitely not something we haven't seen before.

Seem familiar? Kyrie had this look during his early playing years, before the days of LeBron James. Back then, he was just a budding star waiting for his star hood to blossom. All these years later, he's gone back to this same look, perhaps signaling a brand new chapter in his brilliant career. Could this new look be the symbol for a new era?

Kyrie requested a trade about a month ago now, and it's been nothing but chaos ever since. Miami, San Antonio, New York, and even the Clippers have gotten involved in the Irving sweepstakes. So far, no deal has been reached. But the likelihood remains high that Irving wears a different uniform next season.

Whether or not Irving gets traded next season, it's clear that he's ready to ball out. And no matter what his intentions were, Uncle Drew will be saucing up the league anyway.