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Kyle Kuzma Comes To The Defense Of His Scorned Coach


With the walls crumbling in around them, the Lakers are trying all they can to peice together their shattered season.

It started with the losing, eventually becoming worse and worse until the Lakers slid into levels beyond pathetic. Now, LaVar threatens the peace even more, by attacking the head coach, Luke Walton, in ways we've never truly seen before.

On that front, at least, the Lakers are trying their best to keep the mess contained. Young Laker star Kyle Kuzmarecently came to the defense of Walton, essentially discrediting LaVar's damning claims.

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"When you lose games, at the end of the day Luke isn't the one going out and shooting 2-for-15, turning the ball over, having turnovers or missing free throws. That's us. Can't blame the coaching staff for everything. It's mutual, of course. Players mess up, coaches mess up. We as a team have to be more accountable. -- It's just a lot of white noise, in a sense," added Kuzma. "Luke is my guy. I love playing for him. I'm sure most of us love playing for him too. ... We stand by Luke. I know the front office does."

With Kuzma being one of the Lakers' most important players, it is imperative that they provide him with the best opportunity to grow in an environment that is positive, encouraging, and stable. While it's still early, and the team has time to clean up the mess, they have to figure out this LaVar problem before things get more out of hand.