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Kobe Bryant Wins Oscar For "Dear Basketball"


Kobe Bean Bryant may be retired from basketball, but it doesn't mean he's stopped winning.

Tonight, the Mamba took home yet another trophy to add to his collection: an Oscar. He won the award for best animated short film, thanks to his work, Dear Basketball. It marks another special moment in Bryant's storied career and stands as one of his first big achievements off the court. Here's how he describes the feeling:

“I’ve always been told that as basketball players the expectation is that you play. This is all you know. This is all you do. Don’t think about handling finances. Don’t think about going into business. Don’t think that you want to be a writer — that’s cute. I got that a lot. What do you want to do when you retire? ‘Well, I want to be a storyteller.’ That’s cute. This is … a form of validation for people to look and say, ‘OK, he really can do something other than dribble and shoot.'”

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Yes, he really can do something other than dribble and shoot.

For him, winning an Oscar wasn't necessarily about the attention or the shiny new trophy. It was about proving to people that he is much more than a basketball player. Tonight, he showed us that he really can do something other than dribble and shoot.